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Corovan Anywhere is a subsidiary of Corovan, the largest commercial moving and storage service provider in the Western U.S. We continue to offer the industry’s most comprehensive suite of commercial moving services, storage, and specialized logistics solutions to companies of all sizes and industries for over 65 years. We are proud of our experienced and dedicated team that brings a passion for exceptional customer service on each and every logistics move.

Our Story

Founded in 1948, Corovan was originally known as Coronado Warehouse & Supply. Since then, the company has expanded to multiple locations throughout California with a storage capacity of over 1 million square feet. The cornerstone of our success is an unrelenting commitment to quality, training, and safety. Our numerous partnerships with Blue Chip clients are a testament to our consistently high service level.

Our Shocking Decision

In 2006, after 55 years in business, Corovan Leadership made the decision to get out of one of its core business lines, Household Goods Moving. That shocking decision proved to be the catalyst in paving the way for Corovan to excel in the Commercial Moving Industry … not just in expansion and revenue growth but more importantly in client recognized high quality service.

Our Focus

We are not ashamed to admit that we are “Single-Taskers”. We have found that by eliminating the distractions of other product lines (like household goods moving) in which our competitors try and multi-task, and focusing on one area of business, namely commercial moving services, we have been able to excel in all areas of that service line and earn repetitive business from the largest companies in the world.

Our Security & Safety Policy

A major component of the Corovan management philosophy is worker safety. For over 20 years, we have been following a Formal Safety Plan to address safety related issues including training, vehicles, and equipment. Our warehouse facilities are equipped with advanced monitoring technology. Our clients benefit from working with safety conscious supervisors, drivers, and crew members.

Our Green Commitment

At Corovan, we subscribe to the environmental philosophy of achieving better business results using fewer resources. As your workplace partner, we are committed to help reduce the environmental impact of your operations. From reducing the use of cardboard boxes, to developing purge and recycle campaigns for each project, to selecting; eco-friendly office furniture, Corovan helps you complete greener moves.

Corovan is a Founding Member of the Office Moving Alliance (OMA)

The Office Moving Alliance is an international network of commercial moving, storage and office furniture installation specialists servicing many of the largest companies in the world. Founded in 2007, the Office Moving Alliance consists of 42 members in over 100 cities in 12 countries. Most of our members have been in the office moving business for decades, and some for over a century. The Office Moving Alliance offers its clients a single point of contact from Cheyenne to Shanghai, from Paris to Paducah, or from London to Lisbon. OMA’s members are well known, enjoy stellar reputations and are leaders in their respective marketplaces. We know one another personally as we have worked on projects together for many years. We test, evaluate and challenge our members carefully, ensuring quality, safety and fiscal stability. OMA chooses only the finest members—those who meet our standards and exceed those of our clients.

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