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Time-critical Transportation of Offices, Labs, and Equipment Anywhere in the World

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The core competency of Corovan Anywhere is providing specialized logistics, which is the relocation or transportation of assets including secure warehousing, inside delivery, and time-critical final mile services for high-value and time-sensitive goods. Some of the most recognized brands in the world use Corovan Anywhere for their specialized logistics needs because our service commitment has earned their trust.

Corovan Anywhere - High Value Goods Shipping and Handling

High Value Goods Shipping and Handling

Corovan Anywhere - Time Critical Final Mile

Time Critical Final Mile

Corovan Anywhere - Warehousing and Distribution Solutions

Warehousing and Distribution Solutions

Specialized Logistics Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Interstate and International Commercial Relocation Services

National and Global Commercial Relocation

Over 65 years of experience in commercial moving and heavy machinery moving, combined with our established global network of over 350 service providers, makes Corovan Anywhere the top choice for large reputable businesses around the world. From office moves, to lab moves, to industrial plant and data center relocation, Corovan is your trusted mover to provide quality relocation services of valuable cargo from Point A to Point B in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Transportation of Electronic Equipment

Transportation of Electronic Equipment

Corovan Anywhere specializes in the transportation of high value equipment. We offer customized solutions to achieve the most cost-efficient, safest, and highest in quality transportation service. Whether transporting a small quantity of servers, blades and chassis, or a complete data center relocation, we have the know-how to make sure all that is expected to go right becomes a reality.

Time Critical Specialized Logistics

Time Critical High Value Products and Heavy Machinery

The Corovan Anywhere coordination team is at its best when time is of the essence and premium services are required. Whether you require ground level inside pickup and delivery, installation, white glove services, packaging and crating of high value products and heavy machinery. Corovan Anywhere can customize a plan to suit your unique business needs.

High Value Products and Heavy Machinery Moving Services

Mexico Cross-Border Services

With our headquarters in San Diego, California, Corovan Anywhere has developed the relationships and expertise to properly price and expertly execute the some-what difficult process of transporting machinery and electronics in and out of Mexico. Consider us your go-to provider for cross-border services for high value products and machinery.

Proud to be a founding member of the Office Moving Alliance (OMA)

The Office Moving Alliance is an international network of commercial moving, storage and office furniture installation specialists servicing many of the largest companies in the world. Founded in 2007, the Office Moving Alliance consists of 42 members in over 100 cities in 12 countries. Most of our members have been in the office moving business for decades, and some for over a century. The Office Moving Alliance offers its clients a single point of contact from Cheyenne to Shanghai, from Paris to Paducah, or from London to Lisbon.

More important than the services we provide, are the people who provide them. OMA’s members are well known, enjoy stellar reputations and are leaders in their respective marketplaces. We know one another personally as we have worked on projects together for many years. And, we share common values—a commitment to quality, safety and integrity—and we constantly rely on one another for improving our skills and abilities. We are exclusive by design; it is a challenge to join our ranks. We test, evaluate and challenge our members carefully, ensuring quality, safety and fiscal stability. OMA chooses only the finest members—those who meet our standards and exceed those of our clients.

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Customer Testimonials

I’ve met countless people in my days … but I don’t think I have ever met anyone as cordial, respectful, courteous, and accommodating as [Freddy] has been to me and us over the past five years. You have been outstanding to us and our customers, and I appreciate your patience and accommodation of our sometimes outrageous requests … If I run across anyone who needs logistics support, I will not hesitate to send them your way….

Corovan Anywhere Customer | Pharmaceuticals Industry
I wanted to take time out today to commend Denise Ortega for her exemplary customer service when assisting us with shipping servers from [origin] to [destination]. Everything that could go wrong with a project did for this one. Denise was great – she weathered through the … storm with us the entire time … was always on board with our urgent requests, guided us through your process, attended our calls, gave input in terms of potential approaches for escalation, solved several mysteries for us, and in the end, set up, coordinated, and delivered a one day express shipment to our [personnel] saving us costs, time, energy, and work days off the timeline … Thanks to Denise’s cooperation and support, we shipped, funded the project, racked-stacked-powered up the servers, ran fiber, network connectivity, and even had [vendor] re-configure the machines. Denise saved us a minimum of 5-7 work days off the timeline ….
Corovan Anywhere Customer | Telecommunications Industry

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